I Feel The Rush: Everything You Need To Know About Poppers

Poppers have long been a friend of the gay community, but that doesn’t mean everyone is familiar with them.  If you’ve never heard of poppers before, you’re not alone.  Poppers is a slang term that describes amyl nitrate or isobutyl nitrite, a class of chemical compounds commonly used as a leather cleaner, room de-odorizer, or machine lubricant.  The name comes from the sound that the bottle used to make when you’d open it: pop!

Poppers have a long and rich history in the LGBTQ community for their use as a muscle relaxer, which can loosen the sphincter and make anal sex easier and more enjoyable.  Historically, they’ve been used as inhalants (no one should ever drink poppers, as the product is very harmful if swallowed).  Although not everyone in the gay community partakes in poppers, Rush poppers and nitrate poppers are cemented in gay history.  Gay Australian singer Troye Sivan even referenced Rush poppers in the music video for his song “Rush,” an anthem about gay liberation and celebration of sexuality.

The Many Types Of Poppers

Now that you know about what poppers are, it’s time to learn about the different kinds of poppers.  Amyl nitrite is the classic kind of popper, which includes popular brands such as Rush poppers and Jungle Juice poppers.  These are known for their robust and long-lasting effects.

Pentyl nitrite is much more intense, and stays fresh for longer due to its slower evaporation rate.  You can find this kind of popper in brands such as Amsterdam Gold or Blue Boy.  Isobutyl nitrite works quickly and intensely, which can be helpful if you’re looking for something fast-acting.  You’ll find it in brands like Quick Silver.

Can I Buy Poppers Near Me?

Poppers have been a major influence on gay culture.  Using poppers recreationally comes with some advisory guidelines, which is why they are always recommended for use according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  If you’re trying to find out where to buy poppers, you can often find them in sex stores or smoke shops alongside other adult toys and items.  However, the easiest way to get them is to buy poppers online.

Where To Buy Poppers Online

If you’re googling “Where to buy poppers near me,” don’t worry–you’ve come to the right place.  You can buy poppers online right here at americansolvents.com.  We sell a variety of poppers including Rush poppers, Jungle Juice poppers, and other nitrate poppers, all of which we ship to your front door, in discreet, plain boxes.  You can browse our selection of poppers to find the right one for you–just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the package labeling to make sure you use the product correctly.

We stand by our product quality, so you can shop with confidence.  If you are dissatisfied with your poppers, you can contact our dedicated customer support team and they will make it right.  While we do not offer international shipping, we are proud to provide service to customers all across the US.  Check us out today to get started on your poppers journey!

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